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Stylish, bright, unique - it's all about Margo, who decided to conquer the capital of France through her living imagination and delicate taste, and, of course, storing these memories in a photo album. Margo is a real professional in creating an individual style and fashion image, and now you will see how a photo session for a stylist in Paris occurs.
Looking at the first series of photos, a person who is not familiar with the city will probably be surprised to know that this place is not a photo studio, but ... an unusual Parisian cafe. Le Pavillon des Canaux is a small canal house, where you can sit in every room, even in a bathroom. Having met Margot, I immediately determined that this location would be ideal for her image. The girl reminded me of Alice from the Wonderland, thanks to her flared red breeches, a yellow blouse and a coral jacket with a floral print. She was so unusual and magical! Her luxurious gold curls and narrow glasses in the form of cat's eyes have become a perfect addition to this stylish look.
In Le Pavillon des Canaux, we found a lot of interesting solutions for this fashion photo shoot in Paris. In the room with blue-and-yellow walls, I photographed Margo sitting on a miniature brown sofa beside a table-lamp, on lovely fur chairs and standing near the carved table. Of course, we could not pass by the bathroom, where you can fall into the arms of soft pillows and imagine that the shower is a telephone receiver.
One of the most interesting places in this establishment is the kitchen in retro style. Black and white tiles on the floor, red tiles on the walls, vintage bedside tables and kitchen appliances, miniature lamps, cards, and other elements of the interior highlighted the image of Margo and made us think we went back a hundred years ago. For those who like to relax, the cafe provides a cozy room with a wicker chair, wooden tables and small vintage cages for birds. Here, Margo demonstrated a few cool ideas for beautiful photos, so take note of them.
After such an amazing location, it would seem, there is nothing more unordinary and stylish. But, I, as a photographer in Paris, assessing the new outfit of Margo, silver and sparkle, came up with a great solution to go to the largest park of the capital La Villette. There is a huge metal ball that can create a fantastic view. From different angles, I photographed Margo in the rays of silver, and in the last picture, I created the effect of bottomlessness.
Despite the fact that this was the end of a street style photo shot in Paris with Margo, incredible photos will remain in her album and in my portfolio for years to come.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.