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Photo shoot in the Marais Marat & Lena

"A tall and manly man who is like a stone wall for a fragile and graceful woman staying behind his back." Such an image primarily arises in the head when you are asked to imagine the perfect couple in love. That's how fairy tales and cartoons usually describe them. Marat and Lena can be called the protagonists of one of such fairy tales, where Marat appears to be a courageous knight guarding his little lovely princess Lena. And given that the guys organized a love story photo session in Paris, the most romantic and magical corner of France, we can completely believe that we're spectators of a fairy tale in reality. This is a story about how love fills our life with colors and joy and gives an ocean of ​​vivid impressions every second spent together.
As the central location for such a fabulous photo shoot in Paris, we chose Le Marais, which is famous for its quiet, charm, and coziness. It's possible to walk its streets all day long while enjoying the company of the beloved person and the beauty of authentic Parisian buildings of past centuries. The majestic and breathtaking Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis on the background looks as if it's a royal castle, which the guys decided to escape from... by riding scooters.
Yep, renting a scooter is a great solution to make your walk more exciting and dynamic. This will not only speed up your process of exploring the city but will also become a nice attribute for the photos.
Marat and Lena showed all the romance and originality of the scooter photo shoot. Pictures taken in motion while riding look very interesting. We diversified them during a stop with a minute of tenderness, kisses, and hugs. I liked that format of shooting in a sports rhythm.
It's hard to imagine a photo session in Le Marais without visiting the Place des Vosges, especially in such a warm and "blooming" May season. Some people are attracted by its historical monuments, lined up along the perimeter, and someone is fascinated by its luxurious green park with well-groomed lawns, old trees, and a fountain. Marat and Lena wanted to explore each corner of the Place des Vosges: both its historical, cultural part, represented by ancient buildings and palaces, and the natural component, soft grass, and refreshing fountain splashes.
When walking down the colorful streets of Le Marais, you won't notice how you approach the banks of the Seine. Here, Pont Louis-Philippe, connecting the Île Saint-Louis with Le Quartier Saint-Gervais, will become a must-have decoration for your photo cards. It offers an incredible view of Notre Dame and its environs, as well as fills the heart with some fantastic feeling of harmony and peace. Thanks to the Pont Louis-Philippe's magic, this place can truly be called the perfect final point for a photo shoot.
The fairy tale about the love of Marat and Lena in Paris turned out to be so fascinating and infinitely beautiful, and it would be exciting to know its continuation in other parts of the world!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.