Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris

Is there anything in Paris that can cause the same excitement among tourists as the Eiffel Tower? Sure, it’s everyone's expected fashion week, which annually gathers about 30,000 unique visitors in France and brings in more than 60 million euros. This legendary event outshines even the Iron Lady. And not every person can be a respected guest of this celebration.


This year I was lucky to become a companion of one of the most famous beauty bloggers of the entire Asia-Pacific region - Leonora Jiménez, who was invited to Paris Fashion Week 2020, which was held from February 24 to March 3.


The woman is famous not only for her vast audience on Instagram but primarily because of her exceptional achievements in the past. Leonora, a Costa Rican indigenous, got the title for a beauty pageant in her country and became the original winner of 2005 Miss Asia Pacific International. Today, she is the director of Costa Rica Fashion Week and does not miss a single social event in this area.


After the Chanel show ended, Leonora decided to organize an individual photoshoot in Paris to demonstrate her delicate taste and amazing external data once again. She picked up several different outfits that incorporated the brightest and most adored fashion trends of this year. Leather, voluminous forms, fringe, and snow-white color. Each image of the model looked incredibly stylish and sophisticated. Leonora did not just present trends. She dictated them herself.


During our street style in Paris, we were walking around the city center and turned into narrow cobblestone streets with shiny shop windows and wrought-iron gates. Almost in complete solitude, we managed to take a series of very stylish individual photos and portraits on the background of mesmerizing city scenery, focusing on the details.


Also, Leonora suggested going to the showrooms to have a fashion photoshoot in Paris in more comfortable conditions. The girl wore a snow-white summer cocktail dress, entirely woven from the fringe, and complemented the image with heavy earrings with a marble pattern. In the movement, the fringe fluttered to an imaginary rumba beat, creating an authentic Costa Rican motif.


The meeting with Leonora once again inspired me with love and passion for my favorite hobby and job - photography. Looking at how skillfully the woman has created each image and scene for the shot, I realized that only being deeply involved in your work, you can create a real masterpiece. And something tells me that this photoshoot in Paris with Leonora is that kind of masterpiece!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.