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Wedding photoshoot in France Leonid & Irina

Who wouldn't want to organize a wedding photoshoot in France, especially if it's the royal-style shooting? No, I do not mean that you will have to wear a crown and a mantle. To plunge into the atmosphere of royal luxury, it's enough to visit one of Europe's most elegant and famous castles - Fontainebleau. And, of course, to create a series of stunning photographs on the background of all the masterpieces in this fantastic historical place.

Leonid and Irina are a couple of newlyweds who have come to the most romantic country in the world to make the moment of their marriage genuinely magical. Château de Fontainebleau is a perfect choice for such a memorable wedding trip and photoshoot in France. Here, at every corner, you can feel the incredible charm of the Renaissance.


The magic of Fontainebleau met us even outside the palace square, on the way to the castle. A magnificent green grove spreading along a narrow path has become a wonderful lively decoration for wedding photographs of Leonid and Irina. I found a specific symbolism in this picture: young spouses were holding their hands under high arches of trees as if they had become hidden from the whole outside world, and only what happens between them matters.

A short time later, we entered the territory of the palace. My clients were amazed by the grandeur and beauty of Fontainebleau from the first seconds. Just imagine what a majestic aura reigns in this palace & park ensemble! You feel the spirit of all the royal rulers who have ever born and lived here: Louis VII, Philip IV, Francis II, Henry III, Louis XIII, and Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Also, the architectural and landscaping solutions at Fontainebleau are all about leaving you speechless: the own 1200-meter canal, exquisite fountains, spacious gardens with perfectly cut lawns and flower beds, several independent courtyards - all these against the backdrop of a vast palace consisting of several buildings.
The main feature of this place is the random mix of different styles, but that's precisely what Fontainebleau chic is all about. Not only a skillful ruler but also a person with a fine taste, King Francis I transformed the hunting lodge, which was Fontainebleau from the XII century, into a luxurious palace. To implement such a project, he invited a dozen well-known Italian architectors and artists, including Rosso Fiorentino, Francesco Primatico, and Niccolo Dell'Aba. The subsequent rulers, Napoleon and Louis-Philippe, continued to invest significant funds in maintaining and developing the palace.

Thanks to such comprehensive care for the residence, even in the XXI century, Leonid and Irina were given a unique opportunity to feel like representatives of the royal and noble ranks who had a wedding in France organized according to the royal canons. Each picture of lovers on the background of amazing buildings is filled with notes of luxury and elegance. The merit of the wedding photoshoot in Fontainebleau is that you have access to a large number of locations, starting from the bridge over the canal, near the palace, in the gardens, and ending with a pond with snow-white swans and ducks.

White swans are a symbol of pure and faithful love, so we decided to complete the photo session near the pond by watching these cute birds. And like two swans, Irina and Leonid took a step in their happy family life full of love and fidelity.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.