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Friends, I present to you the champion of Israel in rhythmic gymnastics - Catherine, a talented dancer Dmitry and our incredible photo shoot in Paris, which took place one warm, summer morning. The guys arrived in Paris to speak, and decided to do a photo shoot on the memory. We started from where the best views of the Eiffel tower from the Trocadero. This time I didn't have to say in what poses to get, as I usually do with all clients, this time it was different. As soon as the guys make the first support, the place to start off, I was taken aback and could not take his eyes from them, such a complex element in a live performance, I have never seen. Fortunately, I quickly recovered and realized that they must be hard, and began to shoot. After we filmed on the square, we decided to go down to the fountains. After those items that they already showed me, I could not imagine what will happen next? When they came to the edge of the fountain, and just so you understand, there was immediately a break down of meters on 5, I started for real to survive. When they did this incredible support in the form of a cross, when he was holding on his shoulders, flipped upside down, Kate, my heart sank, it's not every day you see the incredible ability of people. I quickly got ready and started to shoot, and with me and the crowd of tourists, which the boys gathered around him. After, we went to the bridge of bir-Hakeim, allowing me to breathe a bit. On the bridge the boys continued to show incredible stunts, photographing them, I just was amazed at the abilities of the human body, which are opened if they do a lot of hard work. Then we went to the field of Mars, where there was more space for stunts that show guys were waiting for us bridge of new York with its iron arches, which very well fit into our unusual photo shoot. Then we were poisoned by the Seine river, right up to the Louvre while staying at places with the most beautiful species such as the bridge of Alexander 3 and Concorde. On the square in front of the Louvre near the glass pyramid, the guys did just an excellent picture. If you look at all of the series, be sure to understand what the picture is about. The last destination in our itinerary was the Notre Dame Cathedral. As soon as we went down to the embankment in front of the Cathedral, the students began to demonstrate his trademark antics. I was shooting and thought, where they find strength in these difficult elements. Then they admitted to me that the desire of obtaining unique photos in such beautiful places, where no one has done similar, very much motivated them and gave them strength. Here's a custom photoshoot in Paris was ours.

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