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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Jo & Heather

Opposites attract, and such a contrast union of love is based on something amazing, intriguing and passionate. Having met my clients, Jo and Heather, on the day of their wedding photoshoot in Paris, I instantly felt that charming energy of the antipodes — black and white.

Jo is a handsome and confident man with a piercing gaze and an inherent Asian charm. Like obsidian, he was dressed in a strict black suit, which perfectly emphasized his coal hair and eyes. Heather was an utterly different figure as if the source of sunlight. Like an angel, her golden hair fell on a snow-white lacy dress, and in her deep eyes, I saw peace, calm, and tenderness. But despite such an external dissimilarity, something made me understand that they belong together better than anyone else. It was a burning spark between them, which set not only me but the entire city up for romance and creativity.

For their photoshoot in Paris, Jo and Heather chose a somewhat non-trivial main location - the Pont Alexandre III. This legendary place is undeservedly left without the attention of many tourists. It’s genuinely one of the most elegant bridges of the capital, which amazes with its luxury, richness, sculptural detail, and beauty. The golden figures of angels, pegasuses, and nymphs rise on each support, and you can study every element with great interest. Moreover, it offers a full view of the Eiffel Tower and the panorama of the Champs Elysees, which serves as an excellent backdrop for photographs.

Walking along the Seine with Heather and Jo, we were stopping in the most picturesque corners to take romantic pictures. This photoshoot on the Pont Alexandre III is a brilliant addition to my portfolio, as I managed to create a wonderful combination of an architectural masterpiece, natural light and calm waters of the Seine, and, of course, lovers, who were the main heroes of such a harmonious scene.

We decided to continue the photoshoot in the Louvre, the former Royal Palace and the most famous art museum in the world today, as it’s also notable for its luxury and sophistication. Under its magnificent arches, you feel involved in the great history of France and the royal nobility. Especially if you’re dressed in such chic outfits as those of Jo and Heather. The newlyweds conceptually merged into the atmosphere of the Louvre.

In the courtyard of Napoleon, they were standing in front of the glass pyramids, held hands and looked at each other, being surprised with the beauty of the Louvre and surprising everyone around with the beauty of their love.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.