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Photo shoot in Paris Jeremy & Maria

It's hard to imagine a more innovative and breathtaking city than Singapore. Hundreds of skyscrapers, non-ordinal buildings, fantastic theaters and hotels, impressive Marina Bay, Avatar-style tree park - it is not surprising that the influx of tourists to Singapore is consistently increasing every year. But what to do if you are a resident of a stunning megalopolis and it's quite challenging to impress you, and you want to spend an unforgettable time, especially if it's a honeymoon? A trip to Paris can be an ideal solution for those who want to see life in a noisy capital from the new side, and most importantly - to complete the best part of a wedding event in the most romantic corner of the planet.
Indeed, Paris can be called the opposite of many modern capitals. Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Panama, and other hi-tech megalopolises will surprise you with their architectural imagination and advanced engineering solutions, while Paris will immerse you in the atmosphere of history and become a quiet haven for your newly-made family.
Such an exciting introduction is dedicated to my clients, Jeremy, and Maria from Singapore, who decided to go on a honeymoon trip to a calm, historical France and organize a symbolic love story photo session in Paris. And what could be more symbolic than a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower?
In the early May morning, I met the newlyweds on the Trocadero Square, and while waiting, I was enjoying the magnificent colors of the fog. This is a real luck to visit Paris in such weather. The spring breeze fills you with freshness, and the mysterious gray embraces of the mist create a unique light for the pictures. I like cool silver shades much more than the bright golden sunlight. And you?
In such a magical atmosphere, we took a series of shots on a deserted square on the background of the Iron Lady. Fog enveloped the tower as if becoming its witness attire at the wedding ceremony of Jeremy and Maria. Everything around and the main heroes of the photo shoot looked incredibly harmonious, in a single style and color scheme. The luxurious Maria's dress sewn in the gradient technique, from dark gray to almost white color, perfectly matched Jeremy's suit, consisted of a jacket and trousers of different gray shades. Even golden patterns on the dress found their stylish reflection in the groom's chestnut shoes.
Our photo session in Paris was more like a carefree, friendly walk; it was so easy and pleasant to work with the guys. I think it's all due to love. When you look at the happy, loving faces, you forget that it's work time, and start perceiving each click of the camera as eyelashes clapping above the eyes which with pleasure observe what is happening. When walking along the stairs, beloved by tourists, to a cozy green park at the foot of the tower, I seemed to have captured the entire romantic story of Jeremy and Maria on the photos. From the very first minutes, when they first met, join their hands, risk and support each other, drown in strong arms and kisses up to the cherished moment of a declaration of love forever.
I hope that every moment in their life together becomes a worthy fragment in the history of their love, no less beautiful and memorable than in this photo shoot and that the French spirit of romance and tenderness accompanies them in their homeland.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.