Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
For several centuries, Paris has been attracting tourists and migrants from all over the world, starting from New Zealand and ending with the United States. This time I worked with Jae from America. The girl found me through recommendations of her friends who told that I’m an experienced photographer in France who will be able to organize an individual photo session in Paris for creating successful model tests. Evaluating the warm and soft type of her appearance, I suggested choosing the Palais Royal and its glamorous streets as the main location.

Since we chose the street style of this photo shot, Jae wore a black leather jacket, brightly decorated with silvery zippers, narrow leather pants and black heeled boots with lacing. A light white blouse laconically complemented her image without overloading it with details. Jae’s makeup was modest and almost invisible, that made it possible to focus on the natural beauty of the girl.

On this cool March day, the square was deserted, and this was an ideal condition for our individual photo session in Paris. First, we took a few shots on the background of the Palais Royal. Jae, holding on to a cast-iron fence with gilded peaks, looked just superb, moderately relaxed and incredibly natural. The best shot, in my opinion, was taken near the columns of the palace, when Jae slightly turned her head, demonstrating her chic curls and innocent look.

Next, we went to the park, still devoid of its rich greenery and vivid colors. But even at this time of year, slender trees, standing in a row like soldiers, conveyed a majestic atmosphere of this place. In addition, wooden benches were very attractive elements here, and one of them perfectly fit Jae’s image. We managed to create a picture that the girl was the only visitor to the park at this time, emphasizing her solitude by placing several chairs in the avenue and making Jae the main acting person. In such an atmosphere, the model appeared especially extraordinary and mysterious, as if she was the heroine of a magic film.

Thanks to the natural beauty of Paris in March with the clear and cold air, and, of course, the charming appearance of Jae, I'm sure we managed to create successful model tests for the girl, and next time she’ll visit Paris as a world-famous model.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.