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Hello, friends! Today I would like to share with you a photo session in Paris in the boudoir style.

This shooting took place in the hotel "Palais Royal" with a beautiful model from the UK, Jacqueline and a designer of lingerie from the United States, Jackie. I do not have such photo sessions so often, but Jackie saw my photos in the Instagram, wrote to me and asked me to shoot several sets of her underwear from the new collection. I gladly agreed to participate in this project, it's always nice to work with professionals.

Having arrived in a five-star hotel and entered into the room, we were a little upset, because it was very small. But, in my own experience, I was convinced that you can always find good perspectives in any place. While preparing the model, I was thinking about shooting. I decided to start at the window, this is the nicest place in any room. You can play with the light, although this hotel is quite close to another building, from which the light refracts and comes to our window very soft.

After shooting at the window, the model went to change, and I decided to take pictures on the bed, because it was white and its color did not distract from the model. After we moved to the coffee table, before removing all unnecessary and distracting items. We finished shooting on the floor near the bed.

Summing up this photo session I will say that it was very easy to work with the model, we understood each other from a half-word, although we speak different languages. The only defect is that a room was too small and there was not enough variety because of this, but Jackie said that she would return to Paris and we would make a large-scale project.

Such a boudoir photo shoot we had in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris, Dmitry Finko.