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 Photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower Ivan & Catherine

Based on my experience, I сame to the conclusion that majority of photo sessions in Paris are for couples in love. And this is not surprising. You can hardly find something more beautiful in the world than the beauty of love. With a great pleasure, I take photos in the love story format, and this series is also dedicated to this magnificent feeling.
Ivan and Catherine arrived in the French capital on the eve of their wedding. To make preparation for such an important event exciting and unforgettable, the guys decided to organize a pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris.
Just imagine, we met at 6:30 am, when the inhabitants of Paris still dream or just begin to prepare for the working day, drinking a cup of coffee with a croissant near the window. It's the perfect time to make clients the main and only heroes of the picture. Moreover, the morning sun, starting to break through the azure sky, gives photographs a stunning shine and warm focus.
Thanks to an early meeting and the warm May sun, we managed to create incredible shots, I would even say, magical, since looking at them, I imagine some kind of Disney cartoon. Especially, considering the image of Catherine and Ivan. A delicate smoky rose dress with flowing frills of a bride and an elegant draped suit of a bridegroom. They were like the real prince and princess from the royal castle! And what kind of associations do you have?
The ideal location for our “lively cartoon” was Trocadero square with the Eiffel Tower and surrounding green scenery. Just look, the Eiffel Tower on the background looks like a futuristic castle, the glittering tiles of the square like the ballroom, the stone staircase like the rise to the upper levels, and the landscape park ensemble like a cozy royal garden. And naturally, the core of this fairytale is the beautiful prince and princess, whose strong embraces, sincere glances and tender kisses create the most powerful magic. The magic of love.
That's how I imagine modern Disney, where a fairytale becomes a reality. I believe that Catherine and Ivan will convey this magic from the photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower to their daily life, and the power of their love will last forever, as in all happy ends.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.