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Happy family from Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of eternal sun, beach vacation, and life in harmony with nature. For a person living in an urban environment, daily absorbed in the city bustle, a trip to this tropical island is a desirable holiday option. And it’s so exciting to observe how the locals go on vacation to the usual for us “stone” megacities to get a unique experience and a breathe of fresh air.


In January of this year, I managed to meet and work with one Indonesian family of travelers. Stunningly pleasant, cheerful, and friendly, young parents with children arrived in the capital of France in the midst of winter colds. What an exotic choice! To keep the memory of such a fantastic trip under untypical weather conditions, my clients decided to organize a family photoshoot in Paris.


Of course, it’s impossible to come such a long way to the world capital of love, romance, and fashion without having a photo session at the Eiffel Tower. It’s the first place that any tourist hurries to visit. So, first of all, we went to Trocadero Square, which opens the most splendid view of the main attraction of the city.


Our Indonesian guests picked up the images in an authentic French style. Moreover, each member of the family appeared in three different outfits, selecting the identical costumes for father and son, mother, and daughter. Children as small copies of parents looked like stylish adults. They were walking along the Trocadero square and stairs, holding hands, expressing sincere smiles and joy, and I caught every precious moment of their joint happiness in the shots.


Morning Paris in January is enveloped in stunning light. Photos are crystal clear and even sparkling. This effect is especially evident in locations near the water, for example, on the Seine embankment. And, of course, like at any other time of the day or year, such an amazing color reveals itself in the Louvre, near the glass faceted pyramids. 


Although the fountains in the courtyard of Napoleon were turned off, the photo session in the Louvre turned out to be no less exciting, surprisingly beautiful, and romantic than in the season. We combined joint family shots and paired ones, emphasizing the fact that the family is always the result of a great love between two people, and that brother and sister should support each other in life.


Photography is not only a wonderful image. As I say, photography is the entire philosophy expressed in a particular spectrum of emotions, feelings, relationships, and memories. And a photoshoot in Paris with this lovely family from Indonesia perfectly reveals the meaning of my professional ideology.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.