Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
It’s not stereotypical to state that men are less engaged with the idea to pose in front of a camera than women. Most frequently, men take part in a family or romantic photo shoot on the initiative of a wife, but only a few of them strive to make an exclusively men’s photo session. It’s not necessary to be a professional model to participate in this kind of shooting, but unfortunately, not everyone is ready to realize this plan due to constraints and personal prejudices. In fact, the camera lens helps to reveal male nature, demonstrate his character and strengths.
Gregory is an American, whose soul knows no embarrassment about the men's photo shoot. In order to enrich his album with stylish photographs from the European center, he turned to me for organizing a photo shoot in Paris. Gregory wanted to appear in his daily casual image, and considering his vivid Hollywood appearance, I suggested choosing a photo session in apartments and street style on the Île Saint-Louis.
It was quite cloudy on the day of our meeting, so we decided to start shooting in the apartments. The city dullness, opened from the wrought-iron balcony, only benefited our frames, as in such shades, Gregory looked even more exciting and thoughtful. A massive oak bookcase and an antique writing desk in the room showed Gregory’s image from another side: a strong and confident man who supposedly reincarnated into a talented writer and is currently working on a new masterpiece. Coat of dust on the surface of the table gave a historical charm to such a unique men's photo shoot in Paris.
In such vintage locations, Gregory looked very harmoniously. On the background of rare old books and paintings, I got a complete impression that time had gone backward, and I met Guy de Maupassant who is creating a work of epochal importance. A slight smile and a smartphone in the hands immediately turned Gregory into a successful modern entrepreneur.
Mysterious corners of the Île Saint-Louis were calling us to continue the street-style photo session in Paris. The weather has not changed, and such a muted light perfectly matched Gregory’s strict manner. To add warm spring colors and aroma of fragrant coffee, we visited a small, but a very cozy cafe. The terraces of Parisian cafes with small tables, standing close to each other, have long become the hallmark of the French capital. Parisians and tourists go to such places not so much to have a rest as to spend time with benefits: to communicate with friends, observe passers-by, work and, of course, take photos. So we finished our individual photo shoot in Paris, revealing the male nature of Gregory from different sides, and at the same time, retaining his unique American zest.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.