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Since the beginning of time, Paris has been attracting the attention of true connoisseurs of fashion. It really is the capital of beauty and style. That's why I cooperate with models from around the world to create successful model tests in Paris for their portfolio.
In March, the fashion week "Spring-Summer 2018", an event that brought together thousands of stunning models, stylish designers and sophisticated spectators, was held. Five wonderful models from America were among the list of participants. They needed my help, as a photographer in Paris, to fill their model portfolio with fresh shots. I gladly conducted this interesting fashion photo shoot in Paris, choosing Rue de Rivoli and Place Vendôme as locations. So, enjoy our results:
Brianna, an African-American girl with a predatory gaze and full confidence in movements. Her luxurious black dress covered with sparkling silver, with open hips, bust and back, emphasized her chocolate skin and shapely figure.
Brissa, a searing Hispanic girl with very expressive brown eyes and full lips. Her mysterious look evokes a spectrum of emotions, from curiosity to complete fascination. Brissa appeared in three different outfits, transferring three completely different images. The powder dress emphasized her body lines and tan, a black blouse in a mesh and a maxi slit skirt released her hot blood, and in a fringe overalls she looked exactly like a native Latin American bombshell.
Melanie, a true American girl with a swarthy skin and a cold face type. Something in her appearance reminded me of Rihanna, don’t you agree? She has an incredible charisma and brilliant model parameters: long slender legs, a thin waist and a miniature top. Melanie is like a living Barbie, especially in such a bright short dress, strewn with paillettes.
Erica, an Indian girl with charming black hair and big brown eyes. In such a long scaly dress with bindings on the sides and a narrowed bottom, she looks like the Little Mermaid, whose heart holds many secrets of the mysterious deep ocean.
Jamie, a young Asian girl with a mature and wise look. Despite her external fragility, she transmits a powerful stream of energy and strength, charging surrounding with confidence and persistence. Her stern black suit with white accents and high leather boots with lacing gave her even more firmness.
I have no doubt that you also estimated the natural beauty of all five American models with their street style in Paris, dressed in unique outfits from the world famous designer Ellae Lisque. The magnificent appearance and talent of girls allowed us to create model tests that will take a worthy place in their portfolio and make them indispensable participants of fashion shows all around the world.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.