Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
I present to your attention a street fashion photo shoot in Paris, which took place in January 2017. At that time, it was the fashion week in the city and it was very cold, - 4 degrees. But our beautiful model, Zhenya, was very persistent and overcame everything.

We started gathering at stylist's Margot home, who created these magnificent images and Lubov helped us, she makes an excellent make-up, as I love, natural without any excess and that is pleasant to work, when you process the photos. The first part of the shooting took place at the San Martin Canal, on one of the bridges. Margot chose an excellent image for our model, which was suited to that weather and combined with the Parisian mood. Photo session lasted about an hour, our model was very cold and we decided to end with this image and went home to warm up and prepare a new image for the next photo shoot, which took place in a comfortable and warm place, but not less interesting.

After drinking hot tea and warming up, we went to the laundry, but not for washing, as you might think, but to hold a photo shoot. Fortunately, when we came there were not many people, only a few were ending up to get their stuff, and all the laundry was in full our disposal. At this place Zhenya worked with great pleasure, that immediately became apparent. Postures became more relaxed and dynamic, there was a willingness to work, as the cold was no longer paralyzed and nothing practically distracted us, just passing pedestrians, who looked in the window sometimes.

In conclusion, I can say that I was very pleased with all. This is a result of coordinated work of the whole team, for which I thank you very much, and looking forward to the next our cooperation, which is very soon.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.