Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
Although Paris is primarily associated with romance and is a symbol of all lovers, here, you can create not only an amazing love story photo session. If you arrived without your soul mate, for business purposes or to enjoy the atmosphere of modern Europe, an individual photoshoot in Paris can be a great solution.
Believe me, you'll receive unforgettable impressions, feel a dose of confidence in your beauty and, of course, get a whole photo album dedicated to your Paris trip as a keepsake. You'll show it to your family, and on a cold evening, these fond memories will certainly warm you. With such thoughts, Elena decided to conquer the capital of France with her charisma and exquisite taste under the camera lens and turned to me for professional help.
The sun's rays were shining through everything every corner and street, making me happy to realize that the summertime had not yet ended. In such a period, you can still experiment with outfits and not be afraid to freeze from cold wind or rain. Elena took advantage of such excellent weather conditions and prepared several images for a street style photoshoot in Paris. For each of them, we chose suitable locations, according to the color scheme, style and mood.
The starting stage for our shooting was the good old Trocadero Square which reveals the Eiffel Tower in all its glory, so to speak, from head to toe. This is a truly unique place since no other point in Paris opens the equally full and large-scale view of the 324-meter Iron Lady. But we selected the Trocadero for another reason.
Elena's elegant casual outfit, consisting of a milk chiffon tank top, light blue mom jeans, white sneakers and a loose peach jacket was the determining factor. Such an image reflected freedom and lightness, and that were precisely the same feelings that arise in your heart when you stand in the square and look at the endless tower. Moreover, in such clothes, it's very convenient to sit on the parapet, built along the stairs, walk in the green garden or get up on the large fountain pool. That photoshoot with the view of the Eiffel Tower was imbued with the spirit of independence and naturalness.
Then, Elena replaced such a bright and cute attire with a strict classic costume, with a note of sexual boldness. That was an ultra black suit with wide but fitted trousers and a jacket and high heels. Elena's fatal gaze, like that of Eva Green, perfectly emphasized the image of a cold and at the same time charming girl. We chose the Palais Royal as a photo location due to its similar untouchability and enchantment. From its high ceilings and bourbon-colored walls with the absence of any additional decorative elements, total majesty was blowing.
And who would have expected that finally, the mask of impregnability falls off Elena's face and the girl transforms into an incendiary Latin American in an open mini-dress with a fringe of a sky blue color? A cheerful, carefree and outgoing model was walking along the streets of Paris and the Tuileries Gardens, radiating a charge of the hot Brazilian sun. And at that moment, I was again delighted with the fact that summer was still in full swing!
Your photographer in Paris, Dmitri Finko.