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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Dimitri & Oksana

"And they lived happily ever after" — these fairy words describe a new page of the wonderful love story of my clients, Dimitri and Oksana, who united their fates through the act of marriage and organized a wedding photo session in Paris.

To ensure that everything was exactly like in a fairy tale, I invited the newlyweds to meet near the most magical sight of the capital city. Its magic is in the 300-meter height and an unusual architectural concept. Of course, you understand what I’m talking about. On the early morning in July, we started a photo session at the Eiffel Tower, where a couple of Dimitri and Oksana looked fantastic on the background of the Iron Lady. Dimitri was dressed in a dark blue classic suit and a vinous shirt, and Oksana had an incredibly tender image, appearing in a dress of powder color with exquisite white lace embroidery. The bride’s bouquet from burgundy roses became a bright symbol of love of the newly married spouses.

We continued to take impressive shots at the grandest place of Paris, on the Trocadero Square. In honor of the victory of the French army at the siege of the Spanish fort Trocadero in 1823, this location received such a significant name. The square opens an incredibly beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, being located on the highest point of the Trocadero hill. In July, it drowns in the ocean of colorful flowers, and the photos taken here are very bright and festive. Exactly what is needed for a wedding photo shoot!

We decided to continue the photo session around the Louvre, as the glass edges of the pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon and the light splashes of the fountain in the morning light look brilliant on the photos. This effect became a great decoration for the wedding pictures. A black and white shot on the background of the pyramid is permeated with the enchanting magic of this huge city of love.

The next part was the photo shot on the Le Pont des Arts. Thanks to its picturesque view, now this masterpiece of architecture is often used by artists and photographers as an open-air studio. Previously, the newlyweds were hanging small locks on the bridge as a symbol of their love but recently this tradition has become prohibited due to the ecological risks. When looking at Dimitri's and Oksana's loving glances, I was sure that they mentally closed and hung their love lock in their hearts.

A nice idea was to end this photo session at Notre Dame de Paris. This location was ideal for our fairy tale, as its monumentality and historical value go beyond the boundaries of the reality. On the background of this legendary gothic building, Dimitri and Oksana seemed to plunge into the mystery of marriage. A great moment!

"And they lived happily ever after" — these fairy words describe the completion of an unforgettable wedding photo session of Dimitri and Oksana, which will be stored in the family photo album of this magic couple forever.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.