Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
As a center not only for love but also for fashion, France attracts models, designers, and stylists from all over the world, who are in pursuit of inspiration and perfect frames for a portfolio. In my practice, individual photo shoots in Paris are incredibly popular, since everything in this city is created to emphasize and ennoble your beauty. It may sound surprising, but you can organize an unforgettable shooting not only outside and near places of interest, but also in the interiors of luxury hotels. Especially good this option is for those who catch the weather unsuitable for walking, cold or rainy, as in the case of Diana, who visited the capital city in February.
The girl was not upset for even a moment when realizing that on the day of our photo shoot it was better to refuse from the street style in Paris because of the freezing weather. Taking into account Diana’s ardent desire to take pictures near the Eiffel Tower, I suggested her a unique alternative — to choose a room in Le Dokhan’s, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel with a view of the “Iron Lady.” Looking at the final photos, you’ll see that it’s not necessary to immerse yourself in uncomfortable winter conditions to take cherished pictures with the main attraction of France.
Diana gladly accepted my proposal, as she would be able to fulfill her dream while enjoying warmth and comfort. In such a relaxed, cozy atmosphere, she decided to create the image of a homely tender girl, wrapped in a terry bathrobe with a cup of coffee in her hands. The first loft-style room ideally matched that concept: high panoramic windows, light walls, a wide bed with linens in patterns and a canopy, and a small oval window with an unusual rhomboid
frame. Here we took a series of shots of Diana, who was standing by the window, as part of a photo session with a view of the Eiffel Tower, sitting on the bed, as if sinking in its soft embraces, and on the windowsill by the carved balcony, having already changed the wrapper  on a light floral dress and leather jacket.
The great advantage of a photo shoot in a hotel is that you can experiment with decorations, light, and atmosphere in general, by merely entering other rooms. For this purpose, we visited three more rooms: in the Art Nouveau style, where Diana appeared in a woolen skirt, a knitted cardigan and high boots, all in gentle brown-green colors; aristocratic flat, with high walls, candelabra and elegant furniture; in retro style, with a velvet green sofa and an interesting floor covered with a black and white tile. It is worth noting the last image prepared by the girl for the retro room, as it was distinguished by its brightness and skillful combination of seemingly incompatible elements. Diana put on a white suit consisted of an elongated jacket and high loose trousers, tucking into coarse leather boots, and complemented it with a fiery orange bandage on her hair, gloves of the same color of and coral lipstick. In general, her image looked extremely stylish and extraordinary, somehow reminding of Cruella De Ville from “101 Dalmatians,” but, of course, her kind and positive version. To complete the picture, we put ripe mandarins on the sofa, which the girl even juggle with.
I hope that this photo session at the hotel shows you that you should not be upset if you arrived in Paris in cold weather. In any case, you can create stunning images with the Eiffel Tower, so that no one has any doubts that you’ve visited the capital of France!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.