Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
The advantage of European transport communication system is that in just 12 hours, you can reach the very heart of France, starting your journey from sunny Spain. My client, Candela, is an excellent illustration of this. The girl arrived from Madrid for organizing a fashion photo shoot in Paris and brought a piece of Spanish summer warmth to the French regions.
On the eve of our meeting, we discussed all the details of the upcoming shooting and decided to begin in the early June morning from the Île de la Cité, one of the two islands surviving up to these latter days. Île de la Cité is connected with the city through nine bridges, and because of this, it’s quite easy to get to it from any side. In the old times, the royal residence was located here, but now almost no one lives on the island. In total, there are no more than thirty apartment buildings on the Île de la Cité.
When meeting Candela, the streets were still quite abandoned, which could not fail to please us, since the first image chosen by the girl was extremely eye-catching. It is noteworthy that even in the capital of beauty and fashion, extravagant outfits in everyday life are surprising for passers-by. The classic pink trouser suit and the jacket worn on a naked body barely concealed the bust of the model. Narrow white-rimmed glasses perfectly complemented such a fashionable outfit. An individual photo shoot in Paris began.
After taking several luxurious frames in the image of a fatal beauty, Candela changed the clothing and wore no less sexy knitted beige and golden top with lacing in front, and leggings of the same tailoring. That apparel was translucent, which favorably emphasized the girl’s figure. And, of course, a street-style photo shoot in Paris is incomplete without a flimsy denim outfit, so Candela appeared in faded jeans and a light blue shirt with an exotic print.
Having conquered the Île de la Cité with hot Spanish beauty, we headed to the second of the remaining islands, the Île Saint-Louis, which is considered the quietest and safest area in the capital city with the most expensive real estate offers. Full of a rich history associated with knightly battles and religious interventions in the past, today, the island amazes people with an atmosphere of extraordinary peace that you will not feel anywhere else in ever-busy and driving Paris. It seems Candela woke up the Île Saint-Louis with her swiftness and energy when rapidly replacing numerous outfits. That included black lacquered leggings and a Gucci T-shirt, a miniskirt and a long black velvet coat with golden flowers, and jeans with a white blouse and a sophisticated strap with lots of chains and coins. All photos turned out to be very vivid and graceful, with portraying stunning locations and even more stunning model.
Both Candela and I enjoyed working at such an intense dynamic pace. When the forces were leaving us, the motivation to create something beautiful gave a new breath, and finally, we’re happy to present you with the results of our stylish photo shoot.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.