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Photo shoot in Paris Bronze & Lalita

For more than a decade, Paris, the bright capital of France, has been a center of pilgrimage for lovers from around the world, and its centuries-old history is considered to be an exclusive art and amazing culture. My clients, Bronze, and Lalita are a couple in love from Thailand who didn’t become an exception to the rule and visited Paris, and by their admission, a trip to France was the most memorable journey in their lives. What’s more, they decided not to leave such happy moments without remembrance and addressed to me to organize a love story photo session in Paris.
We met in the early December morning and began a photo session at the Eiffel Tower. In winter, Paris can be very different: whether it’s slush or snow-white drifts, or greenery making its way. At the time of our photo shoot, the snow has not fallen yet, and when looking at the green lawns, Christmas trees, and thujas, it was difficult to imagine that December was already outside. Although it was pretty cold, Bronze and Lalit wore light clothes, and even when I persuaded them not to do this, they were going to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of a cherished photo shoot in Paris. Thus, Lalita put on a burgundy midi dress, and Bronze wore a classic graphite suit with a snow-white shirt and black patent leather shoes.
We were lucky that the streets in the morning were deserted and quiet (it often happens so before the winter holidays), which allowed us to make a lot of beautiful solitary shots near the tower. Like my other clients, Bronze and Lalita were amazed by the photos on the steps and the parapet with the Iron Lady on the background, which became a real tradition, and when looking at the sincere smiles and glances of this couple, I understood that their love would be as long and steady as this very tradition. We were not embarrassed by the idle fountain, as the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in the remaining water created even more interesting effect, and the carousel at the foot of the tower served as an excellent location for the final shots in this photo series, after which we headed to the Louvre.
The glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon, serving as the main entrance to the Louvre, was glittering truly luxuriously that December morning. As I have already noticed, the cold and transparent morning light, breaking through the glass faces, looks more advantageous in comparison with the warm golden rays. Standing on the parapet and holding their hands, Bronze and Lalita looked at each other with fierce tenderness in the eyes, which was the perfect picture for the camera lens.
Soon, crowds of tourists started emerging near the Louvre, and we hurried to go to the Pont des Arts, which straightly connects the central scientific institution of the country - the Institute of France, and the courtyard of the old royal castle. In a period of the First Empire, when Bonaparte ruled in France, the Louvre was called the "Palace of the Arts," and the first iron bridge in the city on the Seine received its name right from it. This historical construction has been attracting the attention of lovers and those who have not yet found their soul mate for many years. However, due to the government ban on decorating the bridge with symbolic locks, Bronze and Lalita could not materially leave the spirit of their love here, but I quickly dispelled their sadness by taking fantastically beautiful photos on the bridge.
Finally, the cold air took its toll, and on our way to the Notre-Dame de Paris, the lovers changed their clothes to warmer street style ones but still quite elegant and sophisticated. The Notre-Dame de Paris has been constructing for almost two centuries, that, all in all, greatly benefited it. At the time of laying its first stone, the Romanesque style was reigning in French architecture, and in the process of building, the Gothic innovation replaced it. Due to this, the legendary cathedral has absorbed the best features of the two approaches, having received its unique appearance as a result. On that day, on the square near the Notre-Dam, a lot of walkers were feeding pigeons. We took several shots in such a fascinating atmosphere and went deep into the park behind the building. There were so many greenery and motley flowers in the flowerpots that you can hardly catch the feeling of winter on the photos.
On such a romantic note, our December photo session came to an end, and in addition to getting great shots, Bronze and Lalita took part in an exciting and informative tour around the most significant attractions in Paris. The guys were delighted with such a romantic promenade, which marked the beginning of their long and happy life together, which for me is the leading indicator of good work!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.