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Uli & Melissa

Uli and Melissa are an incredibly beautiful and charming couple of newlyweds who decided to spend their honeymoon in the heart of Europe and organize an unforgettable wedding photo session in Paris. We discussed a lot of ideas, including extraordinary locations with luxurious decorations, but all in all, we chose a traditional and romantic format — a photo session at the Eiffel Tower.


In the early hours of November morning, when the streets were abandoned and quiet, we headed towards the main Parisian architectural masterpiece through the Trocadero square. It was pretty cool, but despite the low temperature, Melissa wore an elegant open dress of ivory color with a long train, decorated with handmade lace. The great veil of the same pastel shade, delicate makeup, and flowing curls perfectly complemented the bride’s image.


Wedding photos on the background of the most legendary love symbol in the world were truly flawless. Even on the pictures, one can note that Paris is rightfully associated with the prefix "the most": beautiful, romantic, exquisite, visited. Today it is so difficult to imagine that once this city was considered the main European hole, where people were dying from plague and famine, and rats were running across dark and narrow streets. In the XXI century, Paris is flourishing, leaving behind such an abysmal past.

The next location for the photoshoot was The Musée du Louvre. The majestic construction amazes and even scares with its magnificence. In order not to get lost near the Louvre, I set quite a sophisticated angle, at which the park, the palace itself and the pyramid became an incredible scenery for the main characters in the photo. The glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon does not overlap the facade of the museum. Being located just below the Louvre, you can see the elements of the building decor through the glass. From all sides, triangular pools with fountains surround the pyramid. Their water “revives” the immobility of the central structure, which gives the entire architectural ensemble a kind of intrigue and lightness. It is interesting that behind a seemingly simple appearance of the glass pyramid, high technology is hidden. Scientific developments from various fields of knowledge were involved in the creation of metal structures for fastening glass elements, and for glass not to turn yellow with time, unique manufacturing methods were applied. By the way, the shape formed by the plates of glass, repeats the greatest pyramid of Egypt. By building it in the same proportions as the pyramid of Cheops, Pei merged inconceivable antiquity and futuristic extravagance.

During a walk in the park and photoshoot close to the Louvre, we took a series of gorgeous frames, the color gamut of which was perfectly complemented by the golden-yellow gloss of the autumn foliage, and then our creative alliance went to the Bridge of Arts.

Here you can feel placed in the true Parisian entourage: the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris — the view of all these sights opens from the Bridge of Arts, and numerous walking lovers remind you that you are in the capital of romance. Couples in love from all over the world come here to capture their happiness against the backdrop of the picturesque Seine, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Île de la Cité. My clients, Uli and Melissa, also wanted to become a part of this fantastic place and leave here a piece of themselves. In other words: “Stop the moment, you are beautiful!”. It is a pity that the newlyweds weren’t able to hang the lock with their names on the bridge as a sign of their eternal love, because now this tradition is forbidden due to the threat of a structure collapse, but even photos obtained were enough to never forget about such an exciting moment.


Uli and Melissa were delighted with the work we’ve done and impressed by the fascinating tour in Paris. It was so lovely and easy to cooperate with them that I look forward to our next meeting!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.