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This shoot is special for me, because this time, I filmed my girlfriend, that happens very rarely. 
Me as a photographer is inexcusable to return from new places without good photos, or at least without attempting to implement them. This time, me and my beloved went to Normandy, specifically in the city of Deauville, it was here once a long time ago, Coco Chanel introduced the fashion for tanning. As for us, we are not just tanned, and burned. Friends, I do not recommend the beach sleep. Regarding the shooting, despite the excellent location, beautiful coastline and favorite model, the process was very difficult. Well, first of all, to Wake Tanya at 5 am is not so easy, and secondly. And then as luck would have it, every time we removed it's absolutely freezing cold, looking at pictures, you can hardly recognize. On this day the temperature reached +15, barrels the strongest wind, if desired, could even fly )), Tanya, needless to say, it was freezing and acting up, I was hysterical, though I must say, it is sometimes caused in tone, and she was involved in the work, and we actually managed to finish shooting this material. The sun special thanks for that day still come up since 7.30 am the sky was tightened by clouds and continue the creative process it does not make any sense. But in General, everything was great: the summer and the dawn and the ocean, and horses, and the beach and of course my favorite.


Your photographer in Paris Dimitry Finko.