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Sergii & Sophiya

At all times and ages, even in the most challenging periods, people have found redemption and joy. In love. When you have someone to live, breathe, and conquer the mountains for, no external obstacles will break you. And this is especially actual in these latter days when a veil of despair and powerlessness in front of the nature cataclysm hung over the world. The love that lives in our hearts gives hope for a happy future and brings all the colors of the rainbow to gray everyday life. To show you the real power of love in action, I decided to publish this last for an indefinite period photoshoot in Paris, which touched me to the core.



Sergii and Sofia are a charming couple in love from Ukraine, who have been planning a trip to the capital of France for many months. Sofiya wanted to enjoy the magical romantic atmosphere of the city, sung in songs and films, while Sergii expected this journey with much more serious plans. He knew that this would be a fateful event for the two of them since he kept an engagement ring in his pocket, and all his thoughts were about how to make an unforgettable marriage proposal in Paris.


On the eve of the height of the global biological catastrophe, Sergii and Sofiya were in a hurry to get to the meeting place from different parts of the world. In essence, she was getting to Paris from Germany by train, and he was flying straight from Dublin. And then the breathtaking expectation was over, and they together met the capital of love and romance with their gentle kiss. The joy of the meeting overshadowed the disturbing thoughts. Still, upon arrival at the hotel in the evening, their peace and carelessness were violated by the emergency message of Emmanuel Macron. The French president reported that from midnight a quarantine would come into effect, imposing severe restrictions on the activities of many institutions. Even the hotel, where Sergii and Sofia stayed, was forced to suspend the kitchen.


Frustrated and anxious, the guys did not know what to do next. In the early morning, we should have a love story photoshoot in Paris, but the first shops were supposed to open only at 9 am. Sergii contacted me in advance to discuss the possibility of postponing the shooting time, to have fast-food from a store for breakfast. Sofiya was totally in a panic: “Let's cancel everything! This uncertainty is driving me crazy. What if we can’t even leave the country? ” If Sofiya knew what her boyfriend was planning, of course, she wouldn’t resist so much. But thank God that Sergii was unshakable. He has been preparing for this day for a great while, and his confidence convinced the girl that the photoshoot should take place.


Fortunately, I met lovers with smiles on their faces and in high spirits. It was evident that they have been seriously preparing for this shoot and, as a result, selected terrific images. Sergii appeared in a classic almond-colored suit and white shirt, which looked very harmonious with Sofiya's airy pale pink dress, strewn with gold sequins. The guys chose the format of the photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower, in different locations. So we took pictures on the famous Pont de Bir-Hakeim, on the Seine embankment and the Champ de Mars.


Sure, the final scene was the proposal in Paris, when Sergii realized his most important intention of that day and, standing on one knee with a ring in his hand, said: “Will you marry me?” Conquered by the decisive act of her beloved man, Sofiya could not say anything else, but “Of course! I’ll be happy to be your wife!” That moment was truly touching and impressive since I clearly understood the whole spectrum of emotions experienced by lovers. Despite the harsh realities of the outside world, Sergii got to the end and did everything possible to prove the strength of his love.


But still, the guys were not able to realize everything planned for this trip to Paris. On the same day, authorities announced a tightening of quarantine measures and warned of the upcoming border closure. Luckily, Sofiya and Sergii managed to catch the last train and headed home through Germany, reducing their trip by a few days. And this was a correct decision as the next day, the states prohibited entry and exit from the country. The main thing is that the heroes of this photoshoot were together and, inspired by love, stepped into their new happy future.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.