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Schola Cantorum

On this rainy autumn day, I analyze and remember the summer season. This year there were a lot of great wedding shots, family, love story, but romantic photo session among all, there was another, completely different nature. One morning I was called by Philip Lasser, said he needed a photographer in Paris and invited to take part in its new training project. The fact that Philip is one of the most talented composers USA, and the project was to create a training programme for musicians from all over the world in Paris. I was invited to a singing school called Schola Cantorum ( Schola Cantorum), its existence and greatness to the point I had no idea it was for me a great discovery. The school was founded more than 120 years ago and is the highest musical educational institution of Paris, its alumni are composers such as A. Roussel, E. Satie, and in this school, once lived a legendary poet, composer and actor Serge Gainsbourg. For several days I observed the educational process, listening and of course filmed. I not only discovered this historic place, but also heard classical music quite differently, so differently that she was a worthy competitor to my favorite rock, and the photos I now often treated under the works of Mozart. Here such history happened to me. Meet Schola Cantorum, and her students. 

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