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Robert & Yaroslava

Robert and Yaroslava are a beautiful and charismatic couple decided to strengthen their love union by conducting a wedding ceremony in France. To capture this event in memory for many years, they addressed to me to organize a wedding photo session in Paris.


A preparation for the ceremony began at the hotel where Yaroslava beautified herself. Her mother was near and spent this happiest moment in the daughter’s life with her, helping the bride put on a wedding lace dress of champagne color with an open back. The dress delicately shows legs, stretching a long romantic train behind. At this time, Robert was in hurry to meet his lovely woman. He appeared in an elegant dark blue suit with a butterfly and a boutonniere in his breast pocket.


It was planned to organize their meeting near the hotel, but unexpectedly for everyone, it began to rain. Robert was anxiously looking into the distance, waiting for the bride, and did not notice Yaroslava who sneaked up behind. When he saw his wonderful beloved, the joy and tenderness filled his eyes, and I portrayed these vivid emotions in the photographs.

We continued our photo session at the Eiffel Tower, on the background of the universally recognized symbol of love and romance. In this location, we took brilliant photos, even despite the slight rain which did not become a hindrance. On the contrary, this weather phenomenon gave photos a beautiful glossy shine.

Then we visited Pont Alexandre III, which is considered the most elegant bridge of the city. Here, the photos turned out to be especially gentle and majestic. The transparent bluish air was stroking the gilded sculptures of nymphs and angels. Robert and Yaroslava looked remarkably harmonious against the background of this masterpiece of architecture.

The marriage ceremony itself was held in Parc de Belleville. A charming park, drowning in flowers and greenery, was the culminating part of our photo shoot. Since this location is quite far from the main attractions of Paris, there were almost no tourists and residents here, and such a solitude allowed us to conduct a marriage ceremony in circle of the closest people. Robert and Yaroslava uttered their wedding vows, and at that moment, their faces expressed sincere love and affection for each other. Then the newlyweds exchanged wedding rings and received a document confirming their marriage. After tasting a wonderful French champagne with guests, the couple went to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Previously it was a royal park  built for Maria Medici, and later it became a state park where the Luxembourg Palace is located. On this majestic background near the fountain, we took a few amazing shots.


Finally, walking through the streets of Paris, we reached Notre-Dame de Paris. It is interesting to note that it took over two hundred years to build this cathedral, and it was believed that it could accommodate all the inhabitants of Paris at that time. Due to such a long construction process, Notre-Dame combines several styles of architecture and is considered the heart of Paris. This was the final point of our incredible wedding photo session in France.

My inspiration had no bounds, so it was a great pleasure for me to work with Robert and Yaroslava, and I sincerely wished the spouses long and happy years of living together.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.