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Maksim & Tatiana

On the wedding day, each couple, of course, tends to be in the center of attention, especially if it's a wedding in Paris. Despite the fact that the capital of France is a very attractive city for tourists, I know the excellent time for a photo session, when there is complete silence and calm, even in the most popular places, and no one will be in the frame except the main heroes. It's early in the morning.

With Tatyana and Maxim, we met at 8 am in Trocadero Square, which opens an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. Exactly here the cherished dream of the girl to see the main site of Paris in reality and to capture this moment in a photo came true. The morning sun filled photo shots with rich golden glitter and silver overflows, emphasizing the luxurious white dress of Tatiana and the graphite jacket of Maxim. By experimenting with the angles and color rendition on Trocadero, we took a number of fantastic photographs that will take a worthy place in the wedding photo album of the newlyweds, and then we went to the next, no less fascinating location.


The Louvre has always been famous for its majestic architecture and enchanting landscape. The Tuileries Garden, where Tatiana and Maxim portrayed their tender love story, the glass pyramid in Napoleon's courtyard, against which they conveyed the depth and sincerity of their feelings, and the walls of the palace, which helped to create an image of the royal family. I believe, a photographer in Paris is obliged to give customers these unforgettable emotions and photos near the Louvre!

Another traditional place for a wedding photo shoot in Paris is Pont des Arts, decorated with locks of love. Here we not only took a series of impressive photos filled with romance and warmth, but also Tatiana and Maxim fixed their symbolic lock on the bridge for the happiness and well-being of their family.


The legendary Notre-Dame Cathedral was the final point of this photo session. From the very beginning, I assumed that this place is ideal for a couple of Tatiana and Maxim, as Notre-Dame de Paris will complement their elegant image with its magnificence and grandeur. And I wasn’t mistaken. This masterpiece of world Gothic architecture allowed me to make a clear accent on heroes and breathe the spirit of medieval Paris into the photographs.


Together with Tatiana and Maxim, we managed to prove that Paris is the wonderful city for a wedding photo session since all attention is focused only on "him", on "her", on "them," and let the whole world wait.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.