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I don’t doubt that you remember my client Leysan, whose last photo session in Paris conquered a lot of people’s hearts. That time the girl appeared in the urban style, combining glass, concrete, metal, and all her images amazed me with their courage and originality. In March of this year, Leysan revisited the capital of France with new thoughts and ideas.


We decided to organize a combined street-style photo session in Paris and a photo session in the apartment due to the changeable weather. When it’s raining or frost outside, don’t waste time in vain and take fascinating shots right at home. The loggia of the Leysan’s apartment opened an incredibly beautiful view of the city. As for the first time, the girl created a bold and uninhibited image: a classic glossy black men's suit and lacquered heels. The make-up was natural and gentle, which looked very contrasted compared to the snazzy clothing, and made the whole image sensual and erotic without a hint of vulgarity.


After the model changed her suit to leather shorts, a turtleneck, and high boot sandals from textiles. Dark glasses and a leather jacket added a note of intrigue and mystery. In this photo series, we were experimenting with poses, locations, and some of the pictures were processed in black and white.


In order to radically change the whole style and character of the shooting, we headed inside the apartment, where Leysan turned into a soft and delicate nature, wearing a light long black dress with small flowers. She appeared like an extremely tender and romantic girl looking out the window, in the mirror and reading fashion magazines.


By lunchtime, the weather improved, and we hurried to the 16th arrondissement of Paris. For taking pictures in such a trendy corner, Leysan wore a black shirt, a loose skirt of a muted peach color and a milky white cardigan. The dynamism of that photo shoot can be seen even in the photo.


Alas, the good weather did not delight us for long, and we returned to the apartment for taking a boudoir photo shoot. This unique format is used to reveal the femininity and individual traits of the model. A boudoir photo session is not about getting photos. It’s a kind of therapy aimed at accepting yourself, your body, to have a feeling of joy from its lines. A photographer sees you with his pure, sincere eyes and conveys your real beauty through the photos. In everyday life, we ​​often forget about how beautiful we're or don’t notice this at all. As a result, you receive a weighty proof of your uniqueness - photos that you can return to at any time. The essence of shooting is not in a naked body, but in your feelings, emotions, and that is why it is so important to trust your photographer without being sly. The main feature of the boudoir photo shoot is focusing on details: a glimpse, a curl knocked out of hairstyle, a line of hands or eyelash weaving.


Wrapped in a soft white towel, Leysan, with her smoothed hair, looked like an innocent young girl who has just reflected her true nature. I am sure that after changing a variety of images and styles, finally, I managed to reveal the real, fragile and tender, Leysan.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.