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Irina & Vladimir

Believe me, It is not necessary to fly to Japan in order to enjoy the wonderful flowering of the cherry blossom. Being a photographer in Paris, I can confidently say that the capital of France in late April will also allow you to witness this miracle. My clients, Irina and Vladimir, have experienced this phenomenon, having organized an amazing photo session in Paris, and the most important miracle in their case was not the fragrant sakura, but the pregnancy of the woman.

From the very early morning, Paris enchants tourists and local people with its tender colors. At that time, we met with Irina and Vladimir near the Eiffel Tower, where sakura was especially beautiful and it was the perfect background for the romantic photo shoot. The couple chose the most suitable image for this spring atmosphere, an openwork white dress of Irina and Vladimir's suit in warm brown tones. Together they looked like a real French couple!


We made a series of incredible shots in different locations for this photo shoot near the Eiffel Tower. At the Trocadero Square, we managed not only to portray the greatness of the "Iron Lady", but also to create a touching picture of mother’s and father’s love for their child. Irina's red dress for this scene emphasized her femininity and mother's role.


In addition to the square, we took photographs near the green hedge, in a bright yellow garden, and when strolling along the central street of Paris. Each place allowed to convey different mood and feelings through the shots, but the only common thing for all photographs was the pure and strong love of the spouses, to each other, to their child, to the world on the whole.


For portraying the family idyll of Irina and Vladimir in full, we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral. I found this a symbolic place for the photo shoot of pregnancy, since the birth of life is a spiritual, mysterious and exciting event, and exactly these features are characteristics of Notre Dame de Paris. From different angles and sides of the temple, we took spectacular photographs full of joy, sincerity, caring, tenderness, with a unique family style.

Many of my clients come to Paris to feel its fantastic energy and store unforgettable memories of this trip in memory, but in the case of Irina and Vladimir, the opposite thing occurred: they filled the capital of France with the incredible power of love and family bond, and left extremely warm and quivering feelings in my heart.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.