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This private photosession in Paris was held for a beautiful girl Alena. We started early in the morning from the Trocadero. The light that day was magical, that really helped us. The sun gave a good mood. The Eiffel tower always turn out beautiful, but when added to the tower, good light, good mood, knowledge of the photographer and the beauty of the model, then it turns out a great result. Continued the photoshoot on a bridge Bir-Hakem. I like this place because here are almost always few people and have wonderful views of the tower, plus iron columns holding the bridge, very well fit into the song and it allows you to play with geometry. A little later we went to another favorite bridge, the Pont Alexandre 3. It is unique in beauty and architecture of the bridge, which was the first in Paris without a Central support, which has become the hallmark of Paris. After strolling over the bridge, and making good shots, we decided to walk along the seafront to Concorde. If you're in this city, be sure to walk along the Seine river, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the city from another angle and also you will be able to see how people live on their boats moored to the banks of the Seine. We're a little late on the Concorde to make pictures with a view of the Champs Elysees. Then I took Alain to the arcade, near the Madeleine, perhaps it is Paradise for every girl, as there are concentrated stores of the most famous brands. This route will not leave any girl indifferent. That was this individual photoshoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko