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Gabriel and Yuki for the Albert brand

Brand, fashion, style - this is a description of the capital of France, and it's all thanks to such talented designers as my client Gabriel, who turned to me to organize a fashion photo shoot in Paris.


The aim of this photo shoot was to present the British brand of men's costumes Albert on the pages of a popular magazine. This was not my first work for a printed publication, and such orders always delight me, due to their high complexity and additional experience gained in a result. In such notable photo sessions, it is important to show your ability to catch the right camera angle, light and use different compositional techniques.


We met in the early July morning at the Eiffel Tower. Gabriel himself and his wife Yuki were the models representing the Albert brand. For the photos near the tower, Yuki chose an amazing floor-length black dress. The accentuated image of Yuki on the blurred background of the “Iron Lady” favorably focuses the viewer's eye on the features of the dress. Gabriel's gray suit was an elegant addition to his wife's outfit.


Then we went to the main palace of Paris, the Palais Royal, where the couple presented the next spectacular high fashion clothings. Just look at Yuki's dress, it's incredible ... Its multi-layered style and sewing of architectural complexity merged in unison with the history of the former royal estate. In addition to the classic white color, the dress was decorated with an abundance of small vivid details. It was a kind of combination of the spirit of classics and modern design intentions. The image of Gabriel also contained bright elements, such as a multi-colored shirt. All these details in their overall composition created an amazing impression. To convey the versatility and unusual nature of these сlothes, we took a series of photos in numerous parts of the Palais Royal. When looking at the final photos, a reader will certainly have a desire to renew his wardrobe with unique stylish solutions from Gabriel.


The next location for our photo session was the Louvre. Here, Yuki appeared in a luxurious white trouser suit, and Gabriel amazed passers-by with his elegant smoky costume. On the background of a transparent glass pyramid in combination with small ripples of water at the feet of Gabriel, the outfit of a young designer looked fantastic.


A photo shoot for the clothing brand in Paris was completed on Pont des Arts. Gabriel demonstrated the new figments of his imagination: a man's pistachio suit and a classic black dress with a white collar of unusual size.


At the end of such a productive day, all of us felt a pleasant fatigue and gained a full confidence that our street style photo session in Paris will obviously attract the true connoisseurs of fashion. Cooperation with the creative couple of Gabriel and Yuki gave me  incredibly pleasant emotions, and Gabriel, in his turn, told me that I excellently conveyed the beauty of his brand through the pictures.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.