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Elena & Sonny

France is not only about the Eiffel Tower, cheeses, and high fashion. The main heritage of this country and the priceless treasure of its past era are more than 43 thousand castles. You may think that the former royal residences are forbidden for visiting by "ordinary people", but, on the contrary, French castles are happy to welcome modern guests. Moreover, almost all palaces are available for photoshoots and can even be rented for special occasions, such as weddings.


A wedding in a castle in France is an amazing and fairly non-trivial way to organize the most romantic event in your life. And most importantly, it's real and available for everyone. Such a celebration will be remembered for a lifetime not only by the newlyweds but also by those invited because not every day you become a hero of a fairy tale of royal times.


This time, I want to tell you about such a fantastic fairytale. Its main characters were Elena and Sonny, the lovers who decided to get married in the Chateau de la Rivier 20 Chemin de la Riviere 03140. This estate is unlikely to fit into the traditional concept of a castle with several tall spires, a vast courtyard, and spanless palace territory, ennobled by green labyrinths and golden fountains. Rather, it's a nobiliary country house in the Scandinavian style. An atmosphere of comfort and family warmth reigns there, which is ideal for gathering the closest and dearest people and celebrating together such a joyful event as a wedding.


According to wedding traditions, that day, Elena and Sonny woke up separately. The groom's morning began in a male company. What men need in the last minutes of their bachelor status is good male humor. In such a fun and relaxed atmosphere, Sonny got ready before the bride and waited for the meeting with awe. At the same time, Elena's mother and friends checked out every detail in her image so that she looked perfect, from head to toe. And, of course, they supported her with a female pep talk. My role as a wedding photographer in France was to snap the photo of all those preparatory activities and subsequent celebration scenes.


The solemn zone has already begun to welcome the first guests. Soon, everyone took their places and were waiting for the lovers. Pleasant excitement hung in the air. And then, Sonny appeared on the horizon, by walking arm in arm with his mother. Elena was not long in coming, too. Accompanied by her father, the girl hurried to her beloved man, staying under the arch. Their touching vows left no heart indifferent. Elena couldn't restrain her emotions when hearing the words about eternal love from Sonny's mouth. They exchanged rings and sweetly kissed. A new family was born.


Fortunately, a wedding celebration rarely ends after an official part. So the feast was in full swing. In high spirits, the guests were enjoying the party. For me, as a photographer in the castles of France, it was the right moment to invite the newlyweds to make a small secluded photo shoot on the green territory of the estate. We took a series of cute joint and individual shots that will enrich their family album.


We hastened to the guests, and Elena and Sonny also gave vent to their happiness and adrenaline. Dancing, games, and feasting continued until nightfall, and this romantic fairytale had a gorgeous end, in the light of sparklers.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.