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David & Alexandra

“Only brave ones get to conquer seas”, — this well-known phrase from the legendary song about the brave captain came to my mind when I was working with my clients, David and Alexandra, during the photo session in Paris. However, I reworded it a little bit: “Only persistent ones get the best shots.”


The fact is we’ve met with the guys in November when the capital of France could no longer boast a solar heat and mild climate. On the day of the photo shoot, it was unusually cold; the north wind made us chill to the bones. Despite such an authentiс autumn weather, David and Alexandra gathered their strength and were looking as happy and satisfied as possible, even being dressed in light demi-season jackets. Beauty requires sacrifice, and I want to tell you, the result was worth it.


Such weather conditions worked in favor of my camera lens. Transparent light created an incredible visual background effect. Especially great it looked in the photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, which mysteriously disappeared behind the veil and emphasized the foreground with the main characters. The fallen leaves and abandoned carousel added another note to this magical atmosphere. Everything around accentuated the beauty of models and their emotional relationships.

Having warmed the lonely tower with their love and tenderness, David and Alexandra decided to share their internal flame with other parts of Paris. On the Pont des Arts, stretched across the Seine and connecting the Institute of France and the Louvre courtyard, it became much colder. By hugging each other tightly and as if speaking with the eyes “I love you,” the lovers resisted all winds, and even I felt a warmth from the inside. At parting, the Seine gave us a few classy frames, with a view on its boundless pure waters.


After crossing the Pont des Arts, we found ourselves in the very Louvre courtyard, where no less romantic and exciting locations awaited us. At the facade of the museum and inside its walls, the spirit of history and majesty overfilled photos. David and Alexandra imagined themselves teleported to the former royal residence, but as soon as we entered Napoleon’s courtyard and approached the glass pyramid designed in the modernist style, we all quickly returned to the 21st century, a time of innovation and unusual architectural solutions. The pictures on the background of the pyramid underlined the ultra-fashionable image of this couple, and as for me, this location suited them perfectly!

The last minutes of the love story photo shoot in Paris we spent walking through the park near the Louvre, where the shots turned out to be the sunniest and conveying a feeling of warmth. I think the main secret of the fact that we haven’t frozen is the strong and fervent feelings of David and Alexandra, which they shared not only with the capital city but with the whole world!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.