Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris


Every day hundreds of tourists come to Paris with the hope that a wonderful weather brings bright impressions to their the trip, but not all the days in the capital of France please entrants with the sun's warmth; sometimes the weather makes its own adjustments to the plans of my clients, including Chez's trip.


The girl arrived with the aim of organizing an individual fashion photo session in Paris. On the day of the meeting, the weather was quite cloudy and cold, and as an alternative to the street style in Paris, I suggested her creating an equally impressive photo session at the hotel. Chez can boast of excellent appearance and good body, so I tried to realize her idea of an underwear photoshoot at the highest level.


It’s a small dream of every woman to have a romantic and slighlty erotic image on photos, to share her beauty with her beloved man or with the whole world. Underwear pictures allows to emphasize the attractiveness of the female body, harmoniously complementing it with a stylish outfit. Such a photo session can serve as an unforgettable gift to your soulmate, as a nice work for a model portfolio, or can simply be stored in a personal photo album.


We started the photo session with homey and cozy shots, by dressing Chez in a snow-white terry robe. A minimalistic black and white background gave the pictures a hint of retro style. Such a color solution made it possible to focus on Chez herself, emphasize her swarthy smooth skin, chocolate сurls, while the coral lips and nails of the girl became the brightest elements. A cup of coffee and a pensive look directed to the window perfectly completed her romantic image.


Then the model changed a tender image to a more aggressive and catchy one, taking off the robe and remaining in mini-shorts and T-shirt. The white color of suit favorably highlighted a natural swarthiness of Chez’s skin. Having decided to experiment with a color palette and fabric textures, we took several photos in a luxurious emerald satin robe with white lilies. The experiment continued with a satin black and white striped pajamas and white T-shirt, which suited Chez very well.


To add notes of sexuality, the model changed into a lacy black hand-made bra. Such an image looked moderately hot and elegant, and most importantly, the pictures conveyed the incredible Chez’s feminine energy.


Finally, in order to present the spirit of autumn Paris in photos, we covered the floor with maple leaves, on the background of which Chez appeared in a cornflower blue dress and a black cap.


Outside the hotel windows, Paris was still cloudy and cold, but Chez proved that it’s possible to create a beautiful and memorable photo session in any weather.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.