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Andre & Anastasiya

A wonderful married couple, Andre and Anastasia, are my faithful clients who addressed me as a photographer in France once again. And this time, they wanted to organize an amazing love story photo shoot in Paris in summer. I was incredibly glad to meet them and touched by the fact that they always trust me to take delightful photographs of their true love.


Together we created a chic image of the photo shoot. Anastasia wore a light airy blouse with flounces in warm peach tones and an elegant gobelin-style skirt with woven flowers. Andre was dressed in a classic smoky blue jacket with a soft blue shirt and sandy beige trousers.


We started this photo session on a warm August morning from the Moray quarter, a place that concentrates a great variety of architectural wonders and museums. The beautiful Place des Vosges, formerly called the Royal square, is the oldest and bohemian square in Paris. Deserted at this time of year lime avenues, fountains and emerald green lawns involuntarily make you think about the history and beauty of the capital. Do you agree that photos on the background of the spray of the fountain are stunning?


A wonderful surprise was to face a rare citroen 2 cv, the hero of all French cinematic comedies, which broke all popularity records and did not descend from the conveyor for more than forty years, becoming one of the symbols of France. Its owner kindly allowed us to take a few photos in his luxurious car, including a gentle kiss of the marrieds.


We also could not pass by the old cafe "Hugo", named after Victor Hugo, who has strolled along these alleys, lived in one of the houses in the Moray quarter and visited this cafe, perhaps even writing his famous novels here. After taking several shots in this cozy place, we felt a surge of creative energy and went to the carousel near the Eiffel Tower.


Anastasia looked like a real princess, in a chiffon pink dress with pearls, and Andre dressed in a T-shirt with orders and epaulettes looked very heroically. Photos with wooden horses filled the guys with a sense of happiness and made them feel like children again. Eventually, we took some interesting photos with cotton candy, experimenting with its color against a cloudless sky, and it looked like the only cloud there.


It was a great pity to complete this joyful and vivid photo session, during which I was convinced of the sincerity and depth of the feelings of the couple once again. I was very pleased to meet Andre and Anastasia, and I look forward to our new meeting soon!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.