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I want to share with you photos that were taken in the middle of summer during the individual photoshoot in Paris. Beautiful girl name is Anastasia, she wanted to shoot in the style of fashion, which was prepared very beautiful dress. Since the shooting took place in the afternoon, and daylight is not the best for getting good shots, I decided to shoot near the Cathedral of the Madeleine, which is located in Paris's 8th district. Around the perimeter of the Church is 52 columns with a canopy that allows you to shelter from the sun and at the same time to play with the light, and indeed, this is a very beautiful architectural structure, that should not be ignored. After we went to Concorde, but there we were not able to remove as everything was fenced in connection to the preparation for the celebration of the independence Day of France and built a big stage on which to sit the President and the guests from all over the world, watching the military parade which will take place on the Champs Elysees. But we found a place where you could make good shots with a view of the Eiffel tower, in the Tuileries there is a beautiful observation deck which offers a great view of the square, where we continued our shoot, simultaneously being distracted by tourists who also wanted to be photographed with a beautiful girl Anastasia. And so ended yet another photoshoot in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris Dimitri Finko