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Alexey & Elena

Staring at Paris from the heights while holding the hand of a loved person is a truly magnificent beginning of the day. Especially if you are dressed in wedding clothes. It looks as if you make marriage in heaven and confidently declare to the all-knowing that you will love your spouse forever. The romance of what is happening cannot be described in words, so this stunning wedding photoshoot in Paris with Alexey and Elena will show everything to you in detail. Enjoy it!


With the first sunshine, the city was starting to come to life, and that was the best time to organize a solitary photo shoot, not embarrassed by the looks of passers-by. To completely set apart from the outside world, Alexey and Elena decided to make a photoshoot on the rooftop in Paris. It was a fairy tale for two people in love who took an important step into a shared future. I tried to convey the symbolism of that event through the thematic shots, by shooting the couple opposite the Eiffel Tower on the background of a beautiful panoramic scene. They were sitting on the very edge of the roof as if proving that together they were not afraid of anything, and any peak was submissive.


A traditional element of any wedding celebration in Paris is a photo session at the Eiffel Tower, one of the most romantic and landmark sights in the capital. The most complete and breathtaking view of the Iron Lady is opened at Trocadero Square, and the real atmosphere of the holiday always reigns in this place. Thus, we headed there.


Absolute silence and the absence of leisurely tourists made our photos excellent. All attention was focused on the wonderful couple. Elena, dressed in an elegant flowing dress of powdery color with a chiffon skirt, and Alex, appearing in a classic white shirt and black suit with a boutonniere matching the shade of his wife’s outfit. They looked very harmoniously under the arches of the majestic tower, walking along the ceremonial square.


Having gone down the Trocadero stairs from the highest point of the hill, we set off to continue the photoshoot in the Louvre. Here, everyone will find a location to their liking, whether it is a spacious green Jardin des Tuileries, the glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon or the museum’s colonnade. Elena and Alexey wanted to cover all the beauties of the legendary Louvre, so I took a lot of versatile and exciting shots from different parts of the legendary art museum.


We left the central attractions of the city and decided to sit somewhere before parting. The alluring smell of morning coffee and fresh croissants from Le Nemours cafe made the choice for us - a traditional French breakfast was already waiting. Having made a series of stylish pictures on a cozy terrace and enjoying the culinary products, we exhaled - we all were delighted with our contribution and the overall results of this fantastic photoshoot in Paris.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.