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Photo shoot in Paris Arthur & Dasha

Silence and solitude - even in the capital of France, the most visited city in the world, you can enjoy such wonderful moments. It's enough to wake up earlier than the Parisians who are hurrying to work and, conversely, leisurely tourists. This is the main secret for organizing a fantastic photoshoot in Paris.
When arousing with the first sun rays, you can capture Paris in its true guise not only in memory but also in photos. At such a time, the urban composition surprises with its beauty. You observe houses, streets, roads, and sculptures in the cold embrace of sunlight and want to become the hero of this exciting picture, like my clients, Arthur and Dasha.
In the early morning in August, under the arch of the Eiffel Tower, we began to create a romantic story about two lovers, whose feelings are tender and hot, sensible and passionate at the same time. And this love story photoshoot in Paris will tell you what was happening there better than any words.
Walking along Trocadero Square on the background of the tower and holding their hands tightly, Arthur and Dasha seemed to show that the main thing in relationships was to go forward, together and in one direction. No heights and distances will then become an obstacle for you, and spending time together will become a real fairy tale, exciting and dizzying like a children's carousel. The whole world around will sing and spin in the dance of solemn fountains, just like in this photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower.
To get even more vivid colors, flowers and a romantic mood, follow to Jardin du Luxembourg. This is a place where feelings truly bloom and strive outward. You want to hug your beloved person, hug and kiss him or her sweetly while being surrounded by magnificent landscapes. The photoshoot at Jardin du Luxembourg ideally matched the tender and elegant images of Arthur and Dasha.
However, you can never stand still, and you need to move forward. Thus, we hastened to the next location - Church of Saint-Sulpice. Just imagine, this architectural structure was built over 135 years! The main characters of the photo session were standing on the background of the church as if symbolically depicting that love should grow, become stronger, and live for centuries.
Speaking of the depth and purity of feelings, the Louvre and its glass pyramids in the courtyard of Napoleon immediately come to mind. The central pyramid, which serves as the entrance to the underground museum is the favorite place of all my clients, perhaps due to its crystal clearness. The photoshoot at the Louvre demonstrated that Arthur and Dasha are a reflection of each other and that they look at each other through the prism of transparent, real, rather than pink glasses.
Yes, we managed to create a real-life story about love, all its manifestations, colors, and features. And I'd like to wish everyone to experience such a full spectrum of feelings as if you had visited the Eiffel Tower, Church of Saint-Sulpice, the Louvre and Jardin du Luxembourg together with your soulmate!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.