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 Photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower Anton & Julia

May is the gate to the summer because now you can wear light clothing and enjoy long walks under the sun. Moreover, this is a wonderful time to have a romantic picnic on the soft green grass. You can do a lot of exciting things in such a warm season, especially if you are staying in the capital of France.
Paris is not only a collection of magnificent historical locations, buildings, and attractions, but also an excellent place to walk in the flowered parks and through the spacious, cozy streets. My clients, Anton and Julia, chose this way to spend their May vacation.
Having met in the morning in the central park, we decided to organize something more interesting than a simple photo session at the Eiffel Tower. "What about the picnic under the Eiffel Tower?" I suggested to the guys. As for me, a picnic in Paris on such a great background is the perfect solution for romantic shots.
Anton and Julia enthusiastically accepted my proposal, and after a classic short shooting on the steps, we started implementing our idea. For a picnic which is a part of a love story photo shoot in Paris, it's hard to come up with something more suitable than elite red wine and local delicacies. Having prepared the necessary attributes, the lovers sat down on the lawn in a secluded corner of the park. The merit of the picnic format is that you don't play the role of a model and a photographer. Everything occurs in an incredibly natural and lively rhythm.
The guys were drinking wine and enjoying each other's company, while I quietly took a series of photos with their hugs and kisses. A truly spring photo session in Paris!
After a picnic, we wanted to refresh ourselves a bit, so we went up to the square with fountains. Crystal splashes decorated "Iron Lady," and on the background of such a beautiful water-metal ensemble, I filmed the wonderful story of Anton and Julia, who were spinning in a dance of love.
To experience the true spirit of France, we slowly went for a walk through the cozy streets of Paris. In one of the bakeries, the guys bought a fresh French loaf. They looked so integrated into the Parisian lifestyle that it was easy to confuse them with the locals. As if they live in Paris and not for the first year.
Being overfilled with pleasant impressions of the walk and photo shoot, the lovers admitted to me that they would like to live in such a relaxed and joyful atmosphere forever. I replied: "The celebration is always inside you, wherever you are, so let the lovefest in your soul accompany you every day!"
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.