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Photo shoot in Paris Anton & Elena

In the early morning in February, I organized an incredibly beautiful love story photo session in Paris for Anton and Elena. They decided to go on an unforgettable romantic trip to the capital of France and keep nice photos as a memento.
The lovers wanted to get something more exciting and unique from our meeting than the demonstration of the commonly recognized symbols of Paris and photo shoot near the Eiffel Tower, so I suggested that we go to Le Marais district. Like other parts of the city, Le Marais is rich with numerous museums, galleries, churches, and monuments, but at the same time, a sense of a measured flow of time reigns there. No rush, bustle, and noise peculiar to the metropolis. If you want to see Paris through the eyes of the locals, walk along Le Marais streets and discover their unexpectedly fantastic sides.
Once this quarter was a desolate swamp (from French, “marais” - marsh) on the outskirts of Paris, near the Jewish community. Everything changed when in 1240, the Order of the Templars began draining the territory and designed a fortress church there. Gradually, the area became more attractive. The nobility occupied Le Marais, and the rulers of France built their residences in this quarter. Every corner in this place is imbued with a spirit of history, and we were quite impatient to take the first shots. Rays of the rising sun lit up gray houses and roads with golden light.
Due to the format of street style photography and the harsh February cold, we did not plan to change images. Every episode of our creative walk looked extremely sincere and natural as if the guys didn’t even notice the camera lens. They were walking freely and naturally through the streets that were still quite deserted at that time. We headed towards the Place des Vosges which is the very heart of Le Marais district.
It is a real masterpiece of town planning, striking for its aristocratic sophistication and famous for the first planned construction in the history of the city. Today, the Place des Vosges is a charming park with green lawns, cast-iron lanterns, numerous benches, and a modest fountain. Although the fountain does not work in winter, it still serves as an excellent location for romantic photographs, which we took advantage of. Gently hugging Elena, Anton endlessly lovingly and happily looked at her, and all the surrounding architecture froze in delight at the evidence of such love.
Walking through the courtyard-labyrinth near the Sully Palace, we came to the famous house number 6, where now you can visit Maison de Victor Hugo, who lived here in an apartment on the second floor. In honor of the great writer, in addition to the museum, authorities also opened a cozy cafe in this house. We could not pass by such a wonderful place and took a short series of stylish photos over a cup of coffee with croissants. Visiting cafe in Paris is a great idea to diversify any photo shoot.
Having had a little rest, Anton and Elena wanted to feel like Hollywood stars. In Paris, it’s easier than ever. Just go to Bir-Hakeim. Metal pillars of this bridge for many years have been serving as a location for filming. You could see scenes on Bir-Hakeim in these films and soap operas: “Elevator to the Gallows,” “Zazie dans le Métro,” “Fear over the city,” “Ronin,” “Taxi 2,” “Last Tango in Paris,” “National Treasure : Book of Secrets ," " Little Indian, Big City," " Munich," "The Beginning," " Dexter." On one side of the bridge, you can find the Swan Island with the Parisian Statue of Liberty (which is four times smaller than one in New York). On the other side, there is France de la Renaissance statue, the work of Holger Vederkinch. At the foot of the monument, there is an observation deck overlooking the Eiffel Tower, where you can take non-trivial pictures on the background of the main sight of Paris. The sun was our faithful companion during the entire photo shoot, and in the end, it pleased us with its brilliant glow. The recalcitrant tower as if dissolved in daylight. Such a stunning effect allowed me to focus all attention on lovers.
Bright, young, beautiful, and romantic - that’s how I remembered Anton and Elena, who enlivened my February weekdays.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.