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Photo shoot in Paris Andre & Anastasia

“An old friend is better than two new ones” - this unquestionable truth relates to my most dedicated and frequent clients, Andre and Anastasia from Italy. Every time when visiting France, this amazing couple address to me to create a love story photo shoot in Paris. They are in love with a harmony, beauty, color and fashion, and each of our new meetings convinces me that over the years, their love becomes much stronger and purer.
The beginning of the photo session at the Eiffel Tower, near the main symbol of romance and love in Paris, has already become our good tradition, which we followed on that warm August evening. Since Andre and Anastasia are creative personalities who do not like banal solutions, the Iron Lady was presented far on the background between the narrow streets of the city. In such a beautiful environment, I managed to show my talent of a photographer in Paris by taking a series of stylish individual, joint and portrait shots.
For a promenade photo session, that day, Anastasia wore a lacy short dress of a muted coral color, and Andre appeared like a real dandy, in the best sense of this word, being dressed in a snow-white shirt with a striped waistcoat. We were walking through the Parisian streets, and almost at every corner, I wanted to capture happiness and love in their views on photographs to give them a long memory.
There is a certain fascination and excitement in the air, form and sound of Paris, that I haven’t met anywhere else. Undoubtedly and undeniably, the capital of France is full of joy and mysteriousness. This is especially true in the case of different cozy establishments, where all sounds, smells and colors seem to be interwoven into one bright and dynamic picture. Perhaps, this impression is caused by the knowledge of how many great figures have visited these walls. To convey the spirit of historicism through the photos, we organized a mini-photo session in a Parisian cafe with an incredible atmosphere of chic and luxury of the last century.
Then we went to one of the two preserved Seine’s islands in the center of Paris, Île Saint-Louis(St. Louis Island). Once upon a time, there was a swamp in this area, where people have been coming to secret meetings and were secretly conducting dueling. Over the years, thanks to efforts of the realtor Christophe Marie, this place has turned into the most luxurious and prestigious districts of Paris. The entire Parisian elite has been living there, including Baudelaire, Wagner, Moliere, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire. And although there are almost no sights on the Île Saint-Louis, unlike its neighbor Île de la Cité, here, you can admire the wonderful architecture of houses in narrow streets, enjoy a green foliage of trees, and also stand on one of five bridges and take a photo(as we did).
By the final stage of the photo session, the spouses changed into more comfortable and discreet street style clothes, and the inscription on Anastasia's shirt “It's a wonderful day” really reflected the mood that was accompanying us throughout that awesome evening.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.