Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
A gorgeous girl in a fiery red dress, — do you remember this famous scene from “The Matrix”?  During one of my latest photo shoots in Paris, I felt like Neo in the company of the imaginary femme fatale, but unlike the nameless Lady in red, I met with the real model, Alina, who was as good as the heroine on a screen.
On the day of our meeting, a harsh winter reigned outside: frosty and chilling spirit. She covered the whole city with its cold embraces and scattered raindrops, which gave photos a stunning brilliance, highlighting all the dark and gray locations. In such an unusual color scheme with a lowered exposure, the focus shifted to Alina, not only when shooting, but also on the part of passers-by. On the pictures, the girl took the central point, dislodging the Eiffel Tower with her brightness and elegance. It struck me how in such unbearably cold weather with drizzling rain, someone can look so photogenic and graceful! Alina broke all records in my clients' favorite nomination “Beauty is a pain.”
For the photo shoot, the model chose two topics: street style in Paris and a stop at the hotel. It’s a universal option for those who are not lucky enough to catch the sun rays and a warm breeze, but at the same time want to conquer the legendary places and feel the true spirit of the capital. We decided to start from the outside part, that included a photo session at the Eiffel Tower, while we still had the strength and enthusiasm to struggle with the cold surrounding. When reaching the Trocadero Square, I quickly determined the best angles and instantly took a series of photographs, revealing all the beauty and refinement of the girl. Such a dynamic pace helped us not to freeze ahead of time and make the most of unfavorable weather conditions.
In a good mood, we continued this photo shot within the walls of the hotel, which opens a magnificent view of the city and the Eiffel Tower from the balcony. Due to black and white filter, the image of Alina acquired notes of mystery, feminine charm and daydreaming. A glass of sparkling wine perfectly complemented this truly French atmosphere. Wrapping herself from head to toe in the snow-white blanket and making hot coffee, Alina went out onto the terrace, without even realizing that she had prepared the entire outfit for the shots.
Having warmed up with a cup of flavored drink, the girl appeared in the last attire, even hotter than at the beginning of the photo session. Long fitting dress with deep plunging neckline and slit skirt, embroidered with black sequins, nicely suited for her aristocratic appearance. She was posing against the wall near the curtains, and reminded me a lot of the sexy and dangerous Eva Green in the movie “Sin City 2”.
This individual photo shoot in Paris was like the filming of an announcement for a Hollywood project. Alina's charisma and her skill to transform into different images can serve as an excellent background for professional acting or, at least, a modeling career. Thus, I would not be surprised if we meet at the Cannes Film Festival one day!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.