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 Family photoshoot in Paris for Alexey & Polina and Dima

Paris is the world capital of love, attracting couples in love, newlyweds and mature spouses from around the globe. Here, you can experience the true power of this tender feeling, romance reigns on every street, and you want to share your happiness with the whole world. France is so imbued with love that when you are going to visit it a second time, the three of you will most likely come, as in the case of my clients, Alexey, Polina, and their wonderful son Dima. In order to keep impressions of such an unforgettable journey for a lifetime, this amazing trio decided to organize a family photo session in Paris, and I gladly helped them.
It was already October, which means the color scheme of Paris has changed into warm autumn colors. Under the sun, trees, gardens and rigorous architecture were iridescent gold, making the entire photo series radiant and cheerful. Considering Dima’s age, I suggested choosing the Palais Royal square as the main location, which looks like a game due to its black and white checkers of various sizes. By experimenting with angles and height of structures, I tried to portray a fun family game, where the son clearly won, climbing above all and even flying over the ground. All this was supplemented with photographs depicting a strong family idyll and the depth of parental feelings for their child.
In addition to the unusual square, the Palais Royal is famous for an old palace built in the 17th century for Cardinal Richelieu. Its tall, magnificent columns can be used as a good decoration for photos to give them luxury and grandeur. Also, the Palais Royal includes an incredible park, one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in all of Paris, where you can relax from the city rush, take a walk with your family and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere of medieval Europe. These legendary sights adorn any photo shoot in Paris, and you can get such fascinating pictures as Alexey, Polina and Dima got.
Just by passing directly through the park, you will come to another, no less famous sightseeing of the capital, the Louvre Museum. Despite the popularity of photographs near the glass pyramid in the courtyard, my clients preferred to have a photo shoot in the garden, shifting the pyramid and the former castle to the background. This concept is great for couples with a child because in the greenery labyrinths, you’ll be able to create cozier, truly family-like pictures. Here, we seemed to continue our game with Dima, but that time giving primacy to Alexey and Polina, whose love and tenderness of feelings know no boundaries.
All family members enjoyed the photo session in the Louvre, the Palais Royal and the garden, and I think Dima liked it the most. Even though we met early in the morning, it seemed to me that the time flew by in a tick, and I did not want to say goodbye. I hope I see this wonderful family again, and maybe even in the new lineup!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.