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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Alexey & Daria

For many centuries, Paris has been opening its doors for couples from all over the world, who dream of getting married not in the local marriage hall, but being surrounded by the sights of the historic capital, under the arches of its ancient castles, palaces, and temples. Wedding in Paris is the perfect beginning of an exciting family journey, an unforgettable adventure for two, no matter whether you have a modest ceremony or a big official celebration.

According to local laws, before organizing an official marriage in the capital of France, you must live in the country for at least 30 days, which is not always convenient for tourists. In this case, they have a wonderful alternative — the possibility to recreate the wedding of your dreams during a wedding photo shoot in Paris.
This is precisely what my clients, Alexey and Daria, did. I met them in the early morning in May to begin a photo session at the Eiffel Tower. On that day, the majestic tower was shrouded by light fog, and its mystery train stretched through every photo.

The newlyweds have been thoroughly preparing for this shooting for a long time, so when the moment came, they looked really perfect, like on the book cover. Alexey wore a fashionable taupe drape suit, and Daria appeared in a milky beige wedding dress with a long organza skirt. Her make-up and classic hairstyle with bouncy curls perfectly matched such a gentle attire.

During the shooting, we were passing by all the traditional places with a view of the Eiffel Tower: a ladder, parapets on Trocadero Square, the carousel, near which, thanks to a foggy haze, we got original photos. At that moment, the words of Voltaire came to my mind: If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." I paraphrase the great philosopher: "If the Eiffel Tower did not exist, it would be necessary to create it." Indeed, it is impossible to imagine Paris without the Iron Lady, and it is impossible to imagine France without it...

Next, we headed to the Palais Royal, which is a square, a palace, and a park, located opposite the north wing of the Louvre. This luxurious residence in the city center was built specifically for the famous statesman Cardinal Richelieu, whose grandeur the king himself envied. The Palais Royal Park is one of the most peaceful places in all of Paris, where you can relax from the city rush, sit with your loved one and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of medieval Europe, so vividly presented here. Garden galleries, already flowering in summer and green, served as an excellent location for a photo.

In a calm atmosphere, we got to the Pont Neuf, which is translated as "the new bridge." This name was entirely consistent with the realities of the period when it was built. For five centuries till now, it connects the right embankment of the Louvre with the left embankment of Conti and Grange St Augustin. It is not only the oldest bridge in Paris but also a well-deserved symbol of the city. Pont Neuf pleased us with magnificent views and complete solitude, which is necessary for romantic photo shoots.

In the end, I introduced Alexey and Daria to the real architectural jewel of Paris — Square de la place Dauphine. Once it was a haven for Italian comedians, wandering artists, gambling players, charlatans and girls with the "ancient" profession. However, today Square de la place Dauphine is a noble corner of the capital, a favorite spot of residents, where life is in full swing, but at the same time quiet reigns there.

I want to wish the newlyweds that their family life is filled with the contemporary colors of Dauphine: free energy and dynamics aimed at maintaining home comfort and peace.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.