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Photo shoot in Paris Alexander & Julia

There are so many beautiful places tourists can find for the memorable love story photo shoot in Paris, especially if they are a cheerful and stylish couple, which brings inspiration. Alexander and Julia are those ones who inspired me with their harmonious appearance and sincere smile to create unforgettable photos in the locations that seemed to be designed exactly for them. You’ll see what I mean.
I met the guys in the afternoon at the end of April, when Paris finally woke up and became decorated with warm and bright colors. It was the perfect time and season to convey the French chic of the city and feel yourself absolutely comfortable in its cool embrace. I will say it again, Alexander and Julia turned out to be a very stylish couple, and this could be traced in every element of their wardrobe, ideas, poses and image as a whole. It is always a real pleasure to work with such clients!
The starting point of our photo session was the world-famous center of theatrical culture Opéra national de Paris. On the way to the Paris Grand-Opera, we took a few photos in the street fashion style near the high windows of boutiques and marble facades. A delicate pink blouse of Julia with high free cut jeans and closed spine sandals were perfectly combined with Alexander’s spotted bomber and casual trousers, and sneakers. The guys completed their stylish tandem with a unifying accessory — aviator sunglasses.
Opéra national de Paris provides many wonderful perspectives for a photographer to beautifully portray the main characters of a photo shoot on this background. Of course, the most attractive shots can be taken on the background of the facade, since it is an amazing mixture of white, pink and green marble, colonnades, uplifting horses, winged angels and sparking busts of famous composers. Here I made both individual pictures for Julia and joint photos of embraces and loving glances.
During the preliminary communication, Alexander and Julia shared with me their desire to conduct a part of the photo session in some aristocratic place in the “Great Gatsby” style. I offered them Hôtel Westminster 13 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris, located in the city center between Place Vendome and Paris Grand-Opera. All rooms in this hotel are equipped with a great collection of antiques, paintings, chests of drawers, a fireplace, and classic works of art. The combination of elegant outfit and aristocratic interior of the chosen room was the key to fulfilling the desire of my clients. The muffled light and an intimate atmosphere allowed us to fill photos with passion and tenderness of their love.
In the end, we went to the main point of all tourists, because how can you visit the capital of France without a photo session near the Eiffel Tower? Being dressed in denim clothes, Alexander and Julia portray this place in a new way, very interesting and really stylish. The riot of cherry blossoms supplemented these photographs with a true Parisian romance.
Using only one word, I can describe my emotions caused by meeting this fantastic couple. Inspiration!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.