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Proposal at the Eiffel Tower Alex & Nastya

A marriage proposal in Paris - doesn't every girl dream of it? Doesn't every man imagine an ideal picture of this important moment this way? I am so happy to observe how someone's dreams come true right in front of the lens of my camera.
The heroes of this love story were Alex and Nastya. For this young and stylish couple, a trip to the city of romance was marked not only by vivid impressions and photos but also by such a fateful event as the proposal in Paris. From the first minutes of meeting with the guys, I immediately realized that Alex was going to take the right step. They looked to be made for each other. It was in everything, starting from their harmoniously selected images and ending with their loving eyes that warmed us up even on that cold September day.
The lovers appeared in outfits that fit perfectly into the Parisian street style: a denim top, black bottom, and trench coats of beige shades. Paris is a dynamic city with a fast pace, so the guys put on the appropriate sports shoes. Identical clothes served as an additional attribute of their unity, and the shots turned out to be extremely conceptual.
A love story photoshoot in Paris, especially one with the finale in the form of a marriage proposal, you can imagine nowhere except near the Eiffel Tower. Each location that offers a view of it is absorbed with a special magnetism and a romantic aura. And by starting a photoshoot in places remote from the tower, you can prevent the future bride from guessing that she will soon get an incredible surprise. So we started shooting from the Trocadero stairs leading to a flowering park, towards the Iron Lady. These locations also brilliantly diversify the traditional photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower.
On the way, we took a series of romantic shots, but my favorites are on the background of a blurry carousel. Alex and Nastya sat down on a bench in the park and hugged tenderly. The surrounding green hedges, autumn trees, and a fabulous carousel created an atmosphere of home comfort and silence. It was a beautiful family picture with a certain French charm. In contrast to such calm photographs, we took some dynamic shots on the open lawn.
Time passed, and we kept going. We went to the final point of this exciting photoshoot in Paris. The culmination of this photo story took place on the embankment, from which the most beautiful and amazing view of the Eiffel Tower was opened. Standing behind Nastya, Alex gently whispered something in her ear, as if spilling the beans ahead of time. But no, after the girl turned around and saw him kneeling down with a ring in hand, it was evident that for her, that was a real shock. A wave of happiness overwhelmed Nastya, and instead of a thousand words, her passionate kiss was the answer to an intriguing Alex's question. Yes, she will become his wife!
They were holding hands and looking at the tower while I managed to capture the shine of that fateful ring.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.